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Best time with my family – Going to Greymouth


October 26, 2015 by lucy@central

The best time with my family would be going to Greymouth for 2 weeks. It was during school so every kid there was at school. My dad used to be a coal miner, so I got given some coal when my dad and his friend went into a coal mine. We stayed with our friends, Tess and Barry. Their dog, Socks was old and slow, but friendly and sleepy. I liked playing with Socks because she was friendly and would follow me around. My mum and I had Subway and McDonald’s most of the time. I liked this trip because I liked having a time off school. But when I came back, I had to share what happened, so on the way back, I made a book. When I came back I was sad because I wanted to go home as I didn’t want to share what happened, but luckily, my teacher was Mrs Dodds, who gives out lollies at the end of the day. This all happened in 2011, so I only faintly remember it. The picture here is the Greymouth bridge.

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  1. Rarcallana says:

    Hello Lucy, that’s so cool that you got to go to vacation during school, my parents would never let me do that. This a link to my class’s blog and we’re writing a blog about foods in our country. We are also asking bloggers about their country’s food. I just would like to ask, what do you typically eat for lunch? Thank you. ~Rarcallana

    • lucy@central says:

      Hello Rarcallana. Thanks for the link to your blog. Isn’t a bit mean of your parents not to let you out of school once and a while? Anyway, what do I typically eat for lunch? I mostly eat a sandwich, but sometimes I order my lunch at school. At home, other than a sandwich, I like to have a toasted sandwich, or even takeaways like fish & chips and subway. In NZ, we bring our lunches from home, unless we order. We also have fruit at schools, which is a rare opportunity. One of the NZ foods are Weet-bix (it is a breakfast food), and here is a page to describe it:

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